Saturday, April 28, 2018

सोप्पं नसतं बरं का...

सोप्पं नसतं बरं का...
आपल्या पायावरं उभं राहणं..
हातातला घास बरोब्बर तोंडात जाणं..
बाबांनी आधार सोडल्यावरंही सायकल चालवतं राहणं।।

सोप्पं नसतं बरं का...
घराबाहेर पडणं..
दूरदेशी परक्या ठिकाणाला आपलसं करणं..
नवीन ऑफिसच्या लोकांमधे सामावून जाणं।।।

सोप्पं नसतं बरं का...
चिमणं मूल पहिल्यांदा हातात घेणं..
सश्याच्या काळजाने त्याची शाळेबाहेर वाट बघणं..
नव्या सुनेला आपल्या विश्वात सामावून घेणं।।।

सोप्पं नसतं बरं का...
आई-बाबांना थकलेलं पाहाणं..
हौसेला मुरड घालून तब्येतीची काळजी  करणं..
रिटायरं झाल्यावरं 'आता काय?' याचं उत्तर सुचणं।।।

सोप्पं नसतं बरं का...
पण सोप्पं हवं कशाला...
आयुष्यं सुंदर आहे , ते फक्त 'जगायचं' असतं।।।।

Friday, June 19, 2015

पुनःश्च हरिओम

It feels nice to be back after a looooong break.. I hope I will do better than before.. I will add background music for blogs as it makes feelings more alive.. Try if you can read with the music on :)!!!

Once upon a June...

###Background Music -: Kabira and Pehla Nasha###

Day of 4th std scholarship results..I could not believe my eyes!!My innocent mind was hurt..38/100 marks in maths..How is that possible??after 94 and 86 in other 2 subject.. Did I make sure to check my answers?of course yes!! each and every one!!! then what did go wrong???complete numbness.. I rushed home and pulled out all my test papers.. Even in the toughest tests, I had scored at least 50.. and maths was (still is) my favourite subject.. I felt disheartened..I felt cheated.. I lil heart was racing!! Aai-my mom could see it all..she felt all the emotional turmoil I was going through.. She was trying to calm me down with her soothing words and encouragement.. I didn't cry a bit..I couldn't.. and then, I decided..I will get my revenge..I will achieve the best results in 7th std scholarship!!!  बघतेच कसे मार्क्स कमी करतात ते !!!!! It was the biggest promise I had ever made in my entire life..of 10 year :P!! A promise made to myself!

3 years of itch and despair kept fuelling my desire to excel in my efforts..Aai was constantly reminded with my aim and supported me all the way thorough..I was ready to take on this challenge.. I was blessed to have wonderful Waikar ma'am teach me the tackle these exams.. Brilliant and inspirational.. She has all the qualities a great teacher should have!! Exam was held in the month of Feb.. It was a fun day and I felt confident throughout!! and then the wait for the result begun...

It was my mama's wedding in June.. The entire summer holidays of super fun with cousins was concluded with the bash at the wedding.. Like every year, the school reopened in second week of June..I would travel in city bus from my aaji's place to school as we were still at her place for post wedding help. As the monsoon had arrived on time, it was raining constantly.. smell of wet soil and cooler air had filled in.. I would enjoy rain everyday from the bus..

"Chala Vishrambaug ala, utara!!" conductor announced.. I got down with brand new bag, heavy with new books and notebooks..Lunch bag in one hand and the umbrella in other..tired after a long school day..I walked towards house making my way though potholes and mud.. As I turned around the corner, I saw-Aai waving at me.. I walked slowly wondering why she is in soo much of hurry..

As soon as I reached the gate, she came out running..beaming with a broad smile.. "Shabbas did it.. you got the rank in scholarship".. and hugged me tight.." what??..really.. are you sure?..wait, who did tell you??..when???" My heart was racing as I bombarded her all the questions.."Lets go inside, baba is waiting for you on phone"!! I picked up the phone....super excited..still lil shaken..I couldn't talk much in the chaos ..everybody was happy and excited.. aaji, ajoba, mama-mami, mavshi.. Baba congratulated me and told that he had sure news of my result... Whoa!!! And then came my bested best sister Priyanka who also secured rank in the same exam.. Double dhamaka...We were on cloud nine..First thing we did was to buy lots of pedhas and visit Ganapati temple..Then we went to give them to all family members.."Congrats Dhani and Mani, what do you feel like doing now?" asked someone. We two looked and smiled at eachother..with twinkle in our eyes.. We knew exactly what we wanted to do... We ran upstairs.. on the terrace, 5 floors above.. I could see sun shining through the gaps in the clouds ..Every side of Sangli looked green with grey cloudy border..Sky filled with golden shine..and we shouted our hearts out.. literally jumped with joy.. we danced in the rain!! overjoyed!!!

I had kept my promise.. I could feel my confidence boosted.. It gave me power to dream big..aim high!! I am just another girl in the sea of people in this world..not any great person..But this achievement made me believe in myself.. Explore true potential.. Success is no way easy or free.. One has to fight for it..I am glad that I did.. and I will keep doing it..Life also is defined by exams like school.. Sometime you may fail..But keep pushing yourself to limits..Turn the desperation into eagerness.. Anger into motivation .. Fight back.. Gather courage to take risks.. Learn from mistakes.. and never give up!!

Dilon mein tum apni betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum..
Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum..
(Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A life less ordinary

Life is all about experiences of different kinds which make it so happening and meaningful..Every ordinary one has some great incidences which are very special for him/her and make once life special for self :)!! On the eve of Independence Day, I remember such an incidence which is very special for myself...

I belong to a small city-Miraj..My school, Jubilee Kanya Shala, might not be among the best known schools in the country, but it is definitely one of the most prestigious and very well cultured schools.. It has many traditions which sets itself apart from other schools. I am so glad that I am the alumna of this great school and it gave me such a nice opportunity to experience precious moment..

Usually some famous chief guests are called up on 15th August and 26th January Flag hoisting ceremony. But in our school, where students were the treasured, had different arrangements. On 15th August, the youngest girl in the school, usually fresher in standard 5th had the chance, had the honour to hoist the flag. And on 26th Jan, the student securing first rank in half yearly exam had the chance. I was always fascinated by this idea and wanted to be the part of it. And my only chance was in 10th half yearly exams J!! And I am very glad that I could make upto it :)..the day when half yearly exam results were declared, the first thing that came to my mind was--man, I am gonna hoist the flag on 26th Jan..woww!!!

The day arrived.. I reached school with my parents.. This day I was the chief guest and stood along with the principal and all the teachers front of all my friendsand other fellow students.. The ceremony began..On the rhythm of band, I moved towards the flag.. The NCC cadets guarding the flag saluted me and stood in attention.. I was thrilled and brought my hand forwards towards the string.. On the speaker announcement by our PT teacher, I pulled the string and our TIRANGA brandished and started riding on waves.. I saluted it with a complete pride.. I tried to record that moment and feelings in my the pindrop silence we began singing our national anthem.. “Jana gana mana adhinayak jay he bharat bhagyavidhata”... those 31 sec were magical.. a feeling of great responsibility filled my mind..It’s MY country..It’s MY duty to take care of it.. And I can do this even as an ordinary citizen.. Its not only restricted to our military, police force and the government.. Its ME, who’s accountable to all these.. I should contribute my share to serve our country, however small it may be.. that day, I realised what keeps all those mighty Men in uniform on duty whether it rains or shines.. I felt immensely proud of being INDIAN..Then was the turn to hoist the school flag..My school where I spent wonder years of my life.. I had attended flag hoisting ceremonies but never felt like this before!!!

In the speech, my class teacher, Kamble sir, mentioned a very peculiar observation..He said, “ In last few years, I have always noted that the student who gets this flag hoisting honour, couldn’t achieve first rank in Final Board exams. I know you have potential to do it ,and I want you to break this jinx.”..I could see the strong expectations in his eyes.. And when I stood first in my city in final board exams, he renounced it proudly at the results celebration at school on same stage..I felt very proud and humbled at the same time.. as I looked at the flag, I said to myself that “ I have done my bit towards my school..and I can't explain how exhilarating it feels!.. I should never miss a chance to fullfill my duty towards my country, in my whole lifetime..

This is my memorable flag hoisting which makes my life less ordinary :)!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Office madhli dupar!!!(Marathi)

Potabhar jevlyavar me parat login karte..
Ani 5ch mintat mala zop yete…

Screenvarchi akshare dhusar hou lagtat..
Aajubajuche aavaj kami zalyasarkhe vatatat…

Thode pani piun baghte..
Thodi gani aikte…

Taripan mitnarya dolyat zop mavat naste…..

Prayatn karun me mail karu lagte..
Pan dole-mendu ani haat yancha sampark tutato…

ani screenvarti chitravichitra akshare umatat…
gar gar panyat maze pay budalel astat…
kukarchi shitti vajat rahte..
eka kushivarun dusrya kushivar valaycha me prayatn karte…
mag ekdam maza project manager yeun haak marto….
Aani khadkan maze dole ughadtat …


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The One with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I am totally hooked to watching ‘Friends’. I don’t even remember when I started watching it. When I peep into the flashback, I remember watching it ones or twice in my schooldays.. but I didn’t really like it that much ( Actually, I couldn’t understand American English accent that time :P).. I got introduced to this sitcom again in college days and I knew that this friendship gonna last till long..

Even before facebook started with “which friends character are you?” quiz, we have been categorizing all our friends into them. So we have got many Rosses, Rachels ,Phoebes and even Gunthers :P!!!!!! While I can see myself closer to Monica( though I don’t like her the most), Punit is more of Ms.Chanedilier bong :D ( true 'Friends' Lovers will get this ;)) doubt our most favourite character is none other than ‘Joey’!!!

Punit and I, are huge fans of it. We have all the seasons on the laptop and we watch 3 -4 back to back episodes late night on weekends. When I came to Mumbai leaving all friends and my people behind, I felt a bit lonely in this crowded city. But when I watched FRIENDS, that feeling used to fade away.. Life moved on, and I got some fantastic friends over here and still making more!!! But this one is for this unknown bond between me and those imaginary characters who made me laugh in the loneliest times. The One With The F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!!!!!!

PS: I had written this in original FRIENDS font, but I dont know how to publish it in the same. Please help if you know!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie Marathon

Recently, I have been watching English movies almost daily. Generally I switch to 9PM movie on HBO, Star Movies ,World Movies or Pix after dinner.. If none is screening any interesting movie , I have back up plan ( movie folder on my laptop ;))!!! Here is list of some movies which I liked:

1. The Holiday
2. Serendipity
3. Definitely, maybe
4. Curious case of Benjamin Button
5. Madagascar-2
6. Something gotta give
7. P.S: I love you
8. Before Sunrise
9. A walk to remember

Suggest me some more which I can add to my list.